The World 

Alot of people ask me what’s the world like through the eyes of someone with ASD

First It’s different for every individual but some things can be very common 

From a young age i knew i had a amazing imagination 

Cloud gazing who didn’t point at the clouds and say what they saw 

Like maybe a giraffe a elephant or a sheep 

I saw animals and objects in the clouds others couldn’t not even adults 

Looking at walls or ground with patterns in them could be rocks that are all different shapes and sizes or a pattern on a wall in my mind i could create things to me it would start like im doing dot to dot drawing and my brain would create a image some people could see it most couldn’t 

When i am meeting someone the first places i look are their feet (weird i know but here’s why) i love shoes i find they can show someones personality next i look for tattoo’s which can tell you about that person intrests, life events, childhood then their clothing as i love fashion and again it can tell you about their personality. I do this in a matter of seconds it’s all done all proceed before i even say hello 

When i was doing pet photography one of my clients was running with her dog for some photos when i looked back at them i could tell she was into sports as her running style was more then just i like to play sports.

I asked her if she was into sports she looked suprised and confused on where that sort of question came from 

She said she loves sports mostly soccer and anything with running.

I showed her the photos and said how you run and hold yourself i could just tell.


Imagine hearing every clock tick every fan blade swoshing above you the kettle as it’s boiling someone tapping on something or clicking a pen 

Clicking of phones as people type and you can hear all this in a room full of people talking maybe even music on as well

For most people with ASD these noices are louder then they should be and you are hearing them all at once 

I went to a ASD workshop last year and i had to leave early as they had a kettle which heated up every five minutes or so after two hours i couldn’t stand being there anymore.

Imagine a normal pitch that you mite hear everyday to us it can sound like the highest pitch in the world.

For some of us even lights can be too much to handle shops, school even at home.

Think about what your brain would be like if you had say 5 coffees one after another or 3 energy drinks 

Your brain would be going a hundred miles a minute 

That is our brains 24 hours a day 7 days a week 

Alot of us have so much trouble sleeping i am one if them 

My brain from the minute i wake up to the second i fall asleep is going 100 miles a hour non stop 

I myself take medication I’m not afraid to say it 

It took me 10 years to find the dosage that worked for me 10 years!

My medication helps me concentrate helps my moods and helps slow my brain down what i find funny is my medication has something in it that can be classed as the drug speed and yet for me it calms me slows me down.

Another funny thing penadol makes me sleep if i have it 

Energy drinks don’t affect me same with coffee.

I think of my eyes like a DSLR camera they capture everything i see in full detail and HD you mite see a park full of trees i see trees some small some big some missing bark some with birds in them some with ants. Leafs of all different shapes and colours rocks twigs sticks all in a few blinks.

I see things others miss it could be something someone was wearing or a accessory, earnings, makeup, nail polish things people miss completely.

Things in the background of movies, tv shows and photos that others don’t see or miss.

I hope this helps even just a little any questions please feel free to post them below or contact me how ever you can.


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